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Regain flawless, radiant skin

Effectiveness and improved appearance in just a short time: Cosmetic, microneedling, massage and Brazilian waxing

Visbible results after just a single application

VELASHAPE III reduced cellulite and body circumference in just one treatment cycle. Discover the benefits of non-invasive bodyforming at Luxe Beauty Medizin now.

Male grooming at Luxe Beauty Medizin

Waxing, hot stone massage or facial treatments for the well-groomed man.

Luxe Beauty Medizin in Zurich: for beauty in face and body

Take advantage of our experience in medicine and cosmetics.

Treat cellulite and problem zones with PowerShape 3-Max Plus

The method for cellulite treatment, fat reduction and skin firming

Anti-Aging Deluxe, Facial

Beauty Facial - Luxe Beauty Medizin

Faceforming Deluxe with PowerShape 3-MAX Plus

PowerShape 3-MAX Plus: The most up to date ALL-IN-ONE face modelling system for collagen formation, skin firming and wrinkle reduction!

Faceforming - Luxe Beauty Medizin

The PowerShape 3-MAX Plus method has been used successfully worldwide, achieving results that can often otherwise only be obtained by plastic surgery. The treatment is pain free and cell-preserving. After just a few treatments, the regeneration and re-formation of the body's own collagen will make your skin look smoother and tauter.

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RF Secret: Fractionated radio frequency microneedling

The beauty secret of stars such as Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz!

The new Microneedling Radio Frequency Therapy is an innovative, low-pain anti-aging treatment method that gently produces visibly younger, firmer skin – no more cellulite.

The Microneedling radio frequency therapy uses a stamping procedure. A sterile treatment head with 12 to 20 fine needles penetrates the top layers of skin at intervals. The depth of penetration will be matched individually to your skin. The penetration of the needles creates fine channels in the top layer of skin, which release the body's own healing mechanisms, increasing the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, thus plumping up the skin from within.

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B.R.F. Bio Radio Frequency

Skin rejuvenation without scalpels! The skin firming effect is visible from the very first application!

Bio Radio Frequency is one of the very latest methods of smoothing wrinkles and firming sagging skin tissue for the face, neck and décolleté, as well as for the delicate zone inside the upper arm.

The results are impressive from the very first application.

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The luxury treatment with diamonds

Real diamonds are used in the latest development in the area of microdermabrasion, originating from the USA.

A handpiece with a diamond attachment is passed over the skin under vacuum. This causes the top layer of skin to be removed, in a way that is precise and highly effective, yet gentle. This is a controlled treatment method that is free of any foreign substances and so is suitable for all skin types.

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GREEN PEEL®: The original herbal peeling treatment

A new skin in 5 days!

This promise resulted in a great coup for Christine Schrammek more than 60 years ago. She helped women who suffered from blemished or damaged skin to achieve clean, clear skin with the GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling cure, which she herself had developed. It is based on a mix of eight selected herbs containing enzymes minerals and vitamins, worked into the skin.

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Green Peel® Classic

Greenpeel Classic - Luxe Beauty Medizin

Green Peel® Energy

Greenpeel - Eneregy - Luxe Beauty Medizin

Green Peel® Fresh Up

Greenpeel Fresh up - Luxe Beautymedzin

Cosmelan®: Number 1 worldwide against pigmentation marks

Cosmelan® - combats pigmentation problems - successful de-pigmentation - the orginal - new formulation - gentle on the skin - same effect.

Cosmelan - Luxe Beauty MedizinThe Cosmelan treatment is a therapy method for all types of marks caused by melanin. The pigment marks are barely visible in less than 20 days. Treatment takes place without any conventional bleaching products or deep peeling. Cosmelan works on a completely different level and is therefore renowned not just for its short-term effect - the long-term effect in particular is unique to Cosmelan.

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Classic cosmetic

The right choice for every skin type

Matis Facial - Luxe Beauty MedizinWe offer a variety of different skin programmes for dry, sensitive skin in need of regeneration and for combination skin. Balance is restored to the skin, environmental effects are neutralised, the equilibrium between fat and moisture is regulated and any existing wrinkles are smoothed.

The classic facial treatment begins with intensive cleaning and a gentle peel, supported with warm steam. The skin is then cleansed and the eyebrows shaped if required, followed by a pampering massage of the eyes and face. Finally, a face mask to suit your skin type, to detoxify, calm or regenerate the skin.

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Dabei handelt es sich um eine international anerkannte Methode der schonenden Hautabtragung, die aus verschiedenen Zeitschriften und TV-Sendungen bekannt ist. Im Rahmen der multifunktionalen Vortextechnologie wird die Haut in der Tiefe gereinigt und durch Dermalinfusion mit Antioxidantien, Vitaminen und Hyaluron bereichert.

Die zusätzliche Lichtherapie und Lymphdrainage runden das Behandlungsergebnis ab. Damit Sie sich über ein dauerhaft verbessertes Hautbild freuen können, sollte die Behandlung monatlich wiederholt werden.


Da HydraFacial™ für jeden Hauttyp geeignet ist, erzielt es nicht nur hohe Effektivität in der Verbesserung der Hautgesundheit, sondern schafft ebenso exzellent Abhilfe bei Problemen der Haut:

  • Elastizität & Straffheit
  • Leuchtkraft des Teints
  • Gleichmäßigkeit der Hautstruktur
  • Hyperpigmentation / Sonnenschäden
  • Ölige / Verstopfte Haut
  • Erweiterte Poren
  • Fortgeschrittene Alterserscheinungen der Haut

First step:


Es werden abgestorbene Hautzellen entfernt und gesunde, frische Haut kommt zum Vorschein.

Second step:


Dieses sanfte Peeling hilft Ablagerungen in den Poren aufzuweichen und bereitet die Tiefenausreinigung vor.

Third step:


Unreinheiten und gelöste Talgablagerungen werden durch ein Vakuum aus der Porenstruktur herausgezogen.

Fourth step:


Antioxidantien, Vitamine, Mineralien und Hyaluronsäure werden durch den Vortex-Fused-Tip mit dem Hydrafacial in die Haut eingeschleust.

Lassen Sie sich jetzt Beraten zum originalen Hydrafacial in der Schweiz.

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