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Effectiveness and improved appearance in just a short time: Cosmetic, microneedling, massage and Brazilian waxing

Visbible results after just a single application

VELASHAPE III reduced cellulite and body circumference in just one treatment cycle. Discover the benefits of non-invasive bodyforming at Luxe Beauty Medizin now.

Male grooming at Luxe Beauty Medizin

Waxing, hot stone massage or facial treatments for the well-groomed man.

Luxe Beauty Medizin in Zurich: for beauty in face and body

Take advantage of our experience in medicine and cosmetics.

Treat cellulite and problem zones with PowerShape 3-Max Plus

The method for cellulite treatment, fat reduction and skin firming

Anti-Aging Deluxe, Body

VelaShape III - cellulite - body contouring - skin firming - sagging skin

VelaShapeIII - Luxe Beauty Medizin

IMG_0379Discover non-invasive Bodyshaping from VelaShape III right now. The VelaShape technology is a combination of elos-infrared, bipolar high-frequency energy and vacuum, used to reduce cellulite, volume and fatty deposits and to improve the skin structure in general.

Ideal to firm and treat sagging or flabby skin - after pregnancy, for example.

Get a slim, sexy figure with VelaShape III – visible results after just one treatment .

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The latest technology

VelaShape III is definitely a step forward from VelaShape II in terms of design and technology: For example, VelaShape III includes different handpieces for the perfect treatment of any part of the body. The follow-on model is also more potent and works with twice the radio frequency strength of its predecessor. This means that the desired result can be achieved even faster. VelaShape III also works with a new and improved protocol.

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How does VELASHAPE III work?

VelsaShape III works with a unique combination of radio frequency, infrared technology and vacuum to warm the tissue to 3 mm or 15 mm. This achieves deep heating of the fat cells, the connective tissue and the dermal collagen fibres contained within. The optimal arrangement of electrodes in VelaShape III matched with the right vacuum allow the heat to penetrate quickly and deeply. Blood flow, cell metabolism and lymphatic flow are all stimulated, which also promotes the deposit of collagen and improves the balance of oxygen in the cells. The fibroblasts are stimulated and the extracellular matrix developed. The mechanical massaging effect also improves muscle tone. – The result is a reduction in fat cells, skin sagging and volume. The structure of the skin is also improved, which contributes to skin rejuvenation.


How does VelaShape Work? - Luxe Beauty Medizin

Bodyforming Deluxe with PowerShape 3-MAX Plus for cellulite and problem zones

At last - the innovative breakthrough to successful cellulite treatment, fat reduction and skin firming for Him and Her!

Power Shape 3 - Luxe Beauty Medizin

PowerShape 3 is the effective treatment for cellulite. triple effect complex thanks to a synergetic combination of bipolar radio frequency energy, lipo-laser and vacuum massage. Away with fat and wrinkles, making the skin look youthfully firm and smooth once more. This means you can become slim and beautiful quickly, easily and safely. These treatments are suitable for every skin type and every age. Unwanted fatty tissue is removed from problem areas without any side effects. They simply melt away like butter in the pan.

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Morpho-Bust - Volume effect treatment

Morpho-Bust - Luxe Beauty MedizinAn all-round treatment to revitalise the bust and décolleté, with a targeted effect on bust volume. Thanks to its highly-effective formula, Morpho-Bust exerts a unique volumising effect which is visible after just a few treatments. This comprehensive, revitalising bust treatment combines 3 active mechanisms to densify the local fatty tissues: this stimulates an increase in fat cells, fat production and fat storage.

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ENZIMACID - Microdermabrasion - Chemical peeling - Enzymatic peeling

This type of "Peeling" treatment has multiple effects and is one of the new "skin health" technologies that make it possible to radically improve the quality of skin tissue.

  • Mechanical effect with immediate removal of top layer and dead skin cells 
  • Immediate chemical effect to smooth the skin and give a radiant complexion
  • Long-lasting biological effect lasts for several weeks, activating tissue renewal

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Luxe Beauty Medizin: new body sensation with Slimyonik® Bodystyler

The Slimyonik® concept

Whether you enjoy relaxing, fitness or both: if you want to achieve or retain a good, attractive feeling about your body, the recipe for success is "holistic and body-oriented".

The Slimyonik® concept was developed as a result of years of work based on scientific discoveries, modern technology and high-quality ingredients, and is continuously refined. The Slimyonik® product range is a perfectly-matched accompaniment to the treatment, always under the slogan "body luxury for a luxury body".

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Slim & Fit 

Slim & Fit uses a new treatment agent of marine origin: coral moss concentrate. This blocks the ongoing development of fat cells into mature storage cells, promoting the development of collagen-forming cells instead

In turn, collagen makes it possible to form the new fibres that are necessary for the restructuring of our tissues. We call this restructuring function an "Adipo-Reverse" effect. In this way, one and the same cell can satisfy two different requirements that seem contradictory at first: removal and firming.

SLIM&LIFT - Luxe Beauty Medizin

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Information brochure (PDF)

Cellulit' VIB

Cellulit’VIB is our laboratory's new shock treatment, with an "ultrasound-type" effect. It is directly inspired by the fat-dissolving techniques used in the beauty medicine sector, combating excess fat and cellulite.

This effect is achieved by an "explosive" phyto complex which breaks through the connections responsible for the development of fat collections and the deposits in the fatty tissues. The slimming effect is supported and magnified by a fat-dissolving, diuretic complex that burns off and removes the released fat.

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Information brochure (PDF)

Massage and relaxation at Luxe Beauty Medizin

Treat yourself to some relaxation after a strenuous working day or during your lunch break after a hectic time at the office. In a relaxed atmosphere with calming music, you can gather renewed strength for the assignments ahead of you.

Escape the hectic tension of the day and find a space for pure relaxation. Close your eyes and float away in a dream. Let the peace and comfort do their work. Face the world again in a relaxed and easy frame of mind.

CLASSIC MASSAGE - With warm oil and perfume

These days, it's ever more important to find a balance to the rush of daily life. Massage is one of the finest and most popular forms of health care. Tensions, neck and back complaints, tiredness, etc are just a few of the health problems that reduce the quality of life for many people.


Hot stone (warm lava stone) massage has already been in use for over 2000 years.
Hot stone massage offers a number of different options to stimulate energy flow, (meridian system) and the chakras, but it can also have a targeted therapeutic effect on tense muscles. 

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Brazilian waxing: High quality natural products for the best waxing result!

Part of Brazilian body culture comes to Zurich, with Luxe Beauty Kosmetik !

In Rio, regular removal of unwanted body hair with warm wax (Depilaçao) is as normal as a visit to the hairdresser, and now it's a quick and easy option for us too!

Waxing - Luxe Beauty Medizin

Treatment course: Hair removal by Brazilian waxing

In Luxe Beauty Kosmetik, a special cleansing fluid is applied to the skin section to be treated as a preparation for hair removal. The Depiladora then sprinkles a little powder over the relevant areas and the warmed special wax is applied with a wooden spatula to the skin. After a short cooling period, the Depiladora pulls off the wax against the direction of hair growth in one swift movement.

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Osmo-Thermy - The luxury SPA peeling treatment with a slimming effect

Osmo-Thermy - Luxe Beauty MedizinOsmo-Thermy is a slimming treatment based on osmotic equilibrium and re-mineralisation of the body. In this, the peeling function is combined with a long warming wrap, rich in sea salts, with blossom and fruit extracts. This detoxifies the organism, removes problem areas and improves skin quality. The main agents in this luxury treatment are Guerande salt and essential oils.

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